Meet AYN Productions

AYN Productions is a multifaceted marketing and event production company.  It is based in Decatur, Illinois.  Owner, Ayn Owens, is well versed in all aspects of event creation, production management and media/marketing.    

Ayn has created successful fundraising events such as:  Teddy Bear Picnic for Scovill Zoo; Community Patriotism Day;  A Night at the Academy; Festival of Stars; Bounce Back Workshops for Women and Good News Day.  Good News Day earned recognition as one of the top 10 Community Public Relations Projects in the Midwest from Midwest Living Magazine.

Ayn has built her reputation as one who takes on a project totally and sees it thru to fruition.  She has the ability to see the big picture and fill in all of the details with her organizational management skills.  She pays great attention to all details within each project assigned!

If it is small business, a corporate event, private party, staff training seminars, press conference, media kits, fundraisers or public relations AYN Productions will deliver your desired goals with timely ease and creativity.  

AYN Productions also provides all aspects of social media marketing, basic website management, marketing, media management and public relations for businesses, authors, events, fundraisers and specializes in assisting small businesses achieve their goals and increase their revenue! If you want more business hire Ayn to promote your business! Ayn is excellent at identifying "the stories" within a business or organization and promoting them to the public.

Shotgun ManorAYN PRODUCTIONS served as marketing director of Illinois #2 haunted house in 2009, Shotgun Manor, in Sullivan Illinois and in 2011 the haunt was #1 in Illinois for most of October. 2012 the haunt was again in the top 5 in the state of IL on the website for most of the month. The haunt is run by the Sullivan Ambucs as a fundraiser for their community projects. The haunt received national and state wide media coverage from Ayn's media savvy.  It was featured on ESPN during the Illinois vs Michigan Football game on Halloween! 

As a promotion of the haunt, Ayn Productions created The Night of the Living Zombies March.  The March includes the tale of Arbogast B.A. Zombie, written by Jayson Albright and portrayed by Justin Hesse.  Ayn is fantastic at pulling together a team to produce any type of event.  The Zombie March has received regional media attention and a featured interview on Chicagonland radio. 



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